Who we are

Basic Materials treatment Factory Co.

is a limited liability company with 100% Saudi capital. The value of the factory’s financial assets is estimated at one hundred million Saudi riyals, the number of employees is 300 people, the factory area is 50,000 square meters distributed among four factories (including administrative offices, production lines and laboratories), and its main headquarters is in the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, the second industrial city, established by Mr. Abdul Aziz Mohammad Suleiman Aludhaiby.

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The company was established 30 years ago with the aim of exploiting the mineral raw materials available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide some of the materials produced from national raw materials to be provided locally and thus dispensing with imported products, which will have positive effects on the industrial sector and economic growth in the Kingdom.


The company produces a range of mining products with a total production capacity of up to 40 thousand tons per month distributed across various factory applications in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries as an intermediate product. Including oil and gas, paints, insulation materials, papers, carpets, ceramics, glass, pastes, plastics, chemicals, glues, adhesives, animal and bird feeds, etc. The raw materials that ALLAH has bestowed this country and which the main company works to exploit, such as calcium carbonate, dolomite and bentonite.

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calcium carbonate



Other Products


Glass industry

Oil and gas industry

Manufacture of papers, carpets and ceramics

Paints industry

Insulation materials industry

Glue and adhesives industry

Industry of pastes

plastic industry

Animal and bird feed industry

Chemicals industry